Thursday, November 7, 2013

Let's get a little twisted....

Can anyone explain this unhealthy obsession this nation has for blaming people? I get it. Things go wrong and it's obviously somebody's fault, but how does spending tons of money on Congressional hearings to produce minimum results help anything? We are so focused on blaming people that we lose sight of trying to solve the problem. Personally I think the Obama-Biden combination is one of the worst in our history and they are stark raving idiots, but instead of griping and blaming them for things that go wrong we need to focus on fixing the problems. Who cares about blame?

It's no secret that I view the current Presidency as a joke worse than Jimmy Carter. In fact, we really haven't had a strong leader for about 7-8 years now. Bush just quit about a year into his second term. That being said, I fully realize and expect Obama to take overall responsibility for the Obamacare fiasco, BUT how can anyone in their right minds blame the President for a website that cost too much and doesn't work? In all fairness, he's just the dude who put his name at the bottom of it. The company responsible for designing and trying to build it should be held accountable more than a man who had nothing to do with it. Just my two cents.

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