Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fate sometimes smiles

I spent twenty years in the US Army. I served overseas several times including three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Through it all I never stopped writing. Long nights in Korea and under mortar attacks by the Taliban my pen continued to churn out word after word. I actually got a medal for the student of the month award for writing a very poorly done (and a knock off of another book) novel in 11th grade. I'm not a dreamer, more methodical in my approach to the future. I know what I want and, though I may not always know how to get there, always continue the assault. You see, there can be no substitute for victory. I think Americans have forgotten this. We give up too easily. Turn our backs on what we once thought was important. How did this happen? Has our culture been so watered down over the last 30 years that I need to move to a tropical island? (Not that that's a bad idea mind you) All I know is that my years of work have left me here. I had two novels professionally published last month and now have one in the Barnes and Noble catalog. Not the Nook- where any old body can post stuff, but on their bonafide bookshelves. Have I won? Is the war over? You tell me.


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